Hello my name is Rachel St. George. I live in beautiful Bozeman Montana with my husband and two teenage children, where we have lots of fun adventures.  I have been making exciting, unique, one of a kind jewelry for the past decade. I found myself with more jewelry than I could possibly wear, so I created my shop "Lanie Ray".  Lanie is my middle name meaning light, and Ray is my father's name, together meaning "Ray of light". 

I love to create something new out of bits and pieces that I repurpose and recycle from things I find locally. I use leather because its such a versatile and rich material.  I pair it with fabric, metal, paper and beads to create lightweight and functional artistic jewelry.  My designs are endless and varied, I'm always working on something fresh and new. I paint and draw as well, and am planning to screen print my designs on clothes in the near future, I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for looking!